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Social Media Marketing: Top 5 Reasons to Hire Publish Knowledge for Blog Guerilla Marketing

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Social Media Marketing: Top 5 Reasons to Hire Publish Knowledge for Blog Guerilla Marketing

  1. Publish Knowledge professionals have been training internet marketers globally since 1994 with over 15 years’ experience in the field of Internet Marketing.
  2. Publish Knowledge has a unique blog guerrilla marketing platform which involves publishing unique custom written articles within your field to increase your traffic.
  3. Publish Knowledge Guarantees 100,000 unique visitors per month to your network of blogs and website combined, targeting clicks and unique users of your website that would otherwise cost you $50,000 to $100,000 a month for less than $5,000 a month. Packages starting at $1,500 per month. (Contact for more information.)
  4. Publish Knowledge case studies have made in profits $75,000 to $100,000 per month from the marketing techniques, competitive market intelligence, monitoring, and social media optimization. Case Studies available upon request. If you have a high-ticket item you want to sell online, the Publish Knowledge method of marketing firms is the best return on investment available to date. Contact us to find out why!
  5. At the end of the first 3 months, you will have 50 websites and over 100,000 unique visitors per month that equate to at least $50,000 a month in advertising saved. The value of these domains can be as much as $600,000 per annum or $6,000,000 over a 10 year cycle. Marketing and domains have huge resell value where websites are generating traffic. It is often a potential for the domains and traffic to be worth more than companies products themselves. This huge return in investment is the value you will gain in addition to increased sales, revenue, and international exposure.

If you don’t know what Guerilla Blog Marketing is, Social Media Marketing, and or Results Based Marketing, you should contact us to build a custom proposal and show how we can single handedly turn your company into a targeted brand worth millions of dollars to your bottom line!

Contact Ryan,

Social Media Speaker: Top 10 Reasons to Hire Shane Gibson as a Social Media Consultant

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1. Shane Gibson is an international speaker and author of several books and training programmes in both Social Media Marketing, Guerilla Social Media Marketing, Sales Training, Customer Relationship Management, and Social Media Optimization. As an Author, he has volume’s of knowledge and proprietary processes that can be shared with your company, audience, and team.

2. Shane Gibson has addressed over 100,000 people over the past sixteen years on stages in North America, South Africa, and South America on Social Media and several hundred thousand people globally on Sales. The combination of sales training and social media training offers a unique and informed approach that is both useful and informative in workshops, seminars, conferences, webinars, and inhouse training.

3. As a high demand keynote speaker on topics of social media optmization and sales optimization, he also writes numerous blogs, vlogs (Video’s), and updates and informs the public via Twitter, Facebook, and other social media tools. Custom follow-up information for your audience, company, and staff can be designed and updated for long-term value.

4. Shane is a traditional sales speaker and motivational speaker, who is used to teaching sales to non-sales types, divisions of firms, and seminars on the topics of social media. In short, Shane receives a great deal of compliments on his sense of humor and ability to entertain and motivate while energizing your team to act now. This powerful combination helps thousands of companies globally to build their brand, act, and produce from their social media and sales activities.

5. Your ROI (return on investment) is a combination of sales optimization and an increase in sales, brand optimization and an increase in public image, database development bring a pipeline of clients and a community of interested social media influencers, and ongoing updated blogs and content which will continue to energize your social media and sales team efforts online. As a trainer, coach and speaker Shane combines a diverse background  in sales force leadership, new entrepreneur development and social media  marketing to develop unique presentations and solutions for his  clients.

6. In addition to a Social Media expert, Shane Gibson has 20 years experience in public speaking as a professional speaker in Sales, Youth Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Marketing, and Online Media. Unlike many speakers in the market, his experience with speaking in over 1,000 engagements, courses, conferences, and forums has earned him the title as one of the top speakers in Canada, and a leading expert in the field of Social Media internationally.

7. Shane is Canada’s only Guerrilla Marketing Master Trainer.

8. He has been involved with Internet Marketing and early stage Social Media in 1999, with blog publications dating back to 2002 on sales and marketing. He is Published in the field of social media, not only in books, but in newspapers, periodicals, and has been on TV and Radio. Shane is an authority on the topics of  leadership, marketing, social media, and sales performance. Some of  these publications include CMA Magazine, the Financial Post, the Globe  and Mail and Profit Magazine.

9. Shane has prestigious clients with long term relationships that exceed 5 years for most clients. Ongoing training and assistance as a social media influencer helps companies and their community grasp the value of your firm. Shane’s speaking and training clients that he has worked with include: Ford, CMA Canada, The Vancouver Board of  Trade, Ford Motor Company, HUB International, Seminarium Colombia,  Seminarium Chile,, the Sauder School of Business, the  University of British Columbia, Canaccord Financial and hundreds of  entrepreneurs, individual sales people and marketers.

10. There is no other speaker on the topic of Social Media who can combine Sales Training and management, tracking, and performance optimization like Shane Gibson. Shane Gibson is a second generation Sales Trainer and Speaker, who’s family produced Canada’s Number 1 Business Speaker. Shane Gibson has followed these foots steps as a number 1 business speaker on the topics of Social Media, Sales, Entrepreneurship and Leadership. As a lecturer at local colleges and Universities on the topics of Sales and Social Media, he runs online and offline diploma courses for the new entrepreneurs. In addition, Shane trains inhouse staff and entire companies globally to advance and fine tune efforts and systems used for Social Networking and Sales.

Shane’s books include Sociable! How Social Media is Turning Sales and  Marketing Upside Down. Closing Bigger the Field Guide to Closing Bigger  Deals and his new book published by Entrepreneur Press (McGraw Hill)  called Guerrilla Social Media Marketing, co-authored with Jay Conrad  Levinson.

Contact as the exclusive Speakers Bureau representing Shane Gibson, International Trainer, Social Media Speaker, and Entrepreneur.

Public Companies cannot afford to ignore social media, they need to embrace and learn it!

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Public Companies cannot afford to ignore social media, they need to embrace and learn it!

“The reality is that blogging, tweeting, facebook, discussion forums, linked in, slideshare, and all of the other great tools used for social media have been utilized by public companies and small businesses, but the majority of public companies have no social media or Social PR strategy. That’s not surprising as 50% of companies who try social media don’t have a plan” Say Ryan Gibson from All of the strategies that drive the websites managed by Gibson, he claims was due to Guerrilla Marketing Strategies of Jay Conrad Levinson executed on the Internet.

With over 175 blogs under management within the financial social media sector Gibson brings up a good point. Mr. Gibson is the brother of Guru and Social Media Author Shane Gibson, who wrote the book Sociable and his most recent book is “Guerrilla Social Media Marketing” co-authored with world famous Jay Conrad Levinson.  As you may recall over a year ago, OTC Listings wrote a blog on the 20 TIPS for Social Media Marketing for Public Companies:

Since then there have been research reports looking at the adoption rate of IR on 5 social media methods and tools, which was broken down to:

  • 37% Facebook
  • 29% YouTube
  • 10% Corporate blog
  • 10% SlideShare
  • 93% LinkedIn

The main reason for embracing social media with a company’s IR and PR campaign is the trackable results. How many times have you heard about internet marketers pointing at a stock price and saying I told you so, or I did that, etc. The reality is it is hot air, smoke and mirrors, and for lack of a better term, untrackable.

One of my first lessons in Internet Marketing for public companies was in setting up a Newsletter. The reason was that when press releases went out, internet marketing occurred, or there was good news on your firm, the campaign was only trackable by what the stock price did, and the true interest was never measurable. However, if month on month your newsletter is growing bigger and bigger for your public company, than you know when your interest is growing as well!

Newsletters are very much one sided communication, thus, social media is the BUZZ marketing that one should be paying attention to in the tracking strategy. Things you can track, such as number of hits on your social media profiles, the specific posts, the referring links back to your website that people have clicked on, the number of followers, friends, fans, and linked people to your firm and self. All of these tools equate to growth in a company’s image, investor base, IR and PR. The best time to start is right away, any IR and PR person how is responsible has tried to start building a social media presence. The reality is if you are going to start this process on your own, you need to consider Guerrilla Social Media Marketing. This is the tipping point of Social Media in IR and PR strategies! Do you remember when email marketing use to really work? Well it took years for companies to build those newsletters and lists, by getting involved with social media marketing now, you become the next generation of investor relations.

The reality is that 50% of companies entering into Social Media have NO PLAN. One such invaluable source of social media tools and tips for building a plan is from the book Guerrilla Social Media Marketing which we give our full 100% support behind as the top book in the industry that every IR, PR, and Public company marketing department should purchase. By reading this book, you will be able to track better the results of IR campaigns, develop a base of interested investors and potential investors in your firm, and develop advocates for your firm by using proven public relations strategies.

The book was published this year, and is one of the most timely pieces of writing on social media for this decade.

Guerrilla Social Media Marketing: 100+ Weapons to Grow Your Online Influence, Attract Customers, and Drive Profits [Paperback]

Jay Conrad Levinson (Author) Shane Gibson (Author)

To further discuss topics with Shane Gibson go to:

Shane Gibson
Author & Professional Speaker
Guerrilla Social Media Marketing Official Book Site:
Sociable! Official Book Site:
Buy Sociable! on Kindle:
Follow Shane on Twitter:
email: shane [at] Closingbigger dot net

FYI, look at this list of corporate twitter accounts? Where is yours?

Corporate Twitter Accounts include (partial list):

Best Buy
Cisco Systems
Toys ‘R’ Us
Johnson & Johnson
Wells Fargo
Time Warner
New York Life Insurance
Texas Instruments
Whole Foods Market

If you don’t have a social media marketing plan for your public company than you are doing your investors an injustice.

Get started today!

Guerrilla Social Media Marketing: 100+ Weapons to Grow Your Online Influence, Attract Customers, and Drive Profits [Paperback]

Johannesburg Tweet-Up: Return of the Tweeple (Tweet Up)

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Thats right, it is the return of the Tweeple after a long break from Johannesburg Tweet-ups. We have booked Mythos and hope to have an amazing show of people as we come close to our one year anniversary in November, the numbers have grown to over 206 tweeple within our group.

The Johannesburg tweet-up has always been a non-commerical focussed subtle, fun, great way to meet other twitter users in Johannesburg. Started at the heart of the true meaning of Social Media, by administrator @ryanagibson to meet other tweeple in Johannesburg.

Since the inception last year, the Johannesburg Tweet-up has become a strong family of friends, business contacts, and memorable evenings… great tweeple. To much of the surprise of new-comers, you quickly find your way with a free-drink to loosen your tweets and some food for thought.

Come join us for another great tweet-up experience in Johannesburg this September 28th at Mythos in Sandown, Sandton, Johannesburg.

To talk with Ryan Gibson, contact or tweet @ryanagibson.

If you would like to sponsor the event or become involved, please also shoot over your ideas.

MAKE SURE YOU RSVP to get your free drink!

Go to

Johannesburg Tweet-Up Follow-Up – January 26th 2010

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Johannesburg Tweet-Up Follow-Up – January 26th 2010

Our second Johannesburg Tweet-Up at Mythos in Johannesburg was a success with 76 of the RSVPed Guests appearing and 26 unregistered guests for a total of 101 people through-out the evening.

Special thank you to @caryljr for sponsoring the food, @pokenafrica for giving us a new tool for breaking the ice and networking within the room, transferring contact information via the Poken, and to Bill Gibson of Knowledge Brokers International,, for sponsoring the first drink for over 100 people.

I am very proud of the members of the #JHBTweetup tweet-ups who have come together and made the evening a success. This is a social networking event of twitter users open to all twitter users in the world, held in Johannesburg for users in South Africa. We embraced the spirit of tweet-ups with people coming from as far as Pretoria, Capetown, Germany, Croatia, Canada, and especially Kempton Park. I encourage the people who attended to tweet about their experience at the tweet-up, write about the tweet-up in blogs, or the value of twitter. Thank you @zamarcashton for the great blog about the tweet-up

Our next Tweet-Up is scheduled for March 23rd 2010, the location yet to be discussed depending on the preliminary numbers, maybe we will take over all of Mythos or take on a bigger location. Our founding 40 members of the tweet-up really helped in referring and bringing people to this tweet-up, and I ask again for your help to make our next tweet-up a success.

Ways one could help, if you are part of other social networks where people have twitter, please invite them. A lot of people in Johannesburg have Facebook and Twitter. By posting the event in your Facebook status or site, those who interact more on Facebook than twitter will be inclined to start tweeting again and come out to the tweet-up. And the best way to help make the tweetups a success, more than anything else… is please bring yourself out again!

Thanks so much!


Here’s what some of our members and attendees have said:

 @jeaninenorden @RyanAGibson Thanx for organising the ‘Tweety Meeting’ last night! Good fun. about 12 hours ago from UberTwitter in reply to RyanAGibson

@ramonthomas thanks @RyanAGibson for being so proactive in organising the Joburg Tweet-ups. More on my blog

samuraibunny RT @RyanAGibson @timlunn @pokenafrica @marlizev @amorlunn thnx 4 giving away a poken+helping make it a great tweetup with ur awesome energy

samuraibunny kudos to @RyanAGibson for an awesome #JHBtweetup! had a really good time 🙂 props 2 sponsors as well @caryljr + @PokenAfrica + @TimLunn 🙂

CraigN The tweetup last night was awesome. Great to see some new faces around, sorry if I never got to say hi. Thanks to @RyanAGibson 4 organising.

MarlizeV Had a great time at #jhbtweetup last night! THANKS @RyanAGibson for organizing it & congrats to all the #Poken winners!!!

big5events @RyanAGibson Thanks Ryan for organizing the cool event last night. We had fun @hcvst @kinavst

AmorLunn #jhbtweetup rocked last night @ryanagibson THANKS for organising, the sponsored drinks and platters!! @PokenAfrica for prizes 🙂

gc34 @RyanAGibson thx for organizing .. had a great time! about 24 hours ago from Tweetie in reply to RyanAGibson

Sheena_LE Agree RT @TamaraLE: @ryanagibson thanks for the cool tweetup yesterday

TamaraLE @ryanagibson thanks for the cool tweetup yesterday 10:09 PM Jan 26th from UberTwitter

gregnietsky RT: @caryljr: Tweetup last night was great fun – thanks to @RyanAGibson for organising it! <- nice to meet all peeps double plus good

caryljr Tweetup last night was great fun – thanks to @RyanAGibson for organising it!

AfricanABC Good tweetup last night thanks to @RyanAGibson (I realise this morning that I may have had a bit too much wine though :-))

SheBeeGee Must say, the tweet up last night was very cool. Well done @ryanagibson even if you guys forgot to bring my bee name tag :p

handyman_can @RyanAGibson thanks for an awesome #Tweetup last nite 🙂

ChristoMove @RyanAGibson Thank you for hosting great #JHBTweetUp last night! (& Mythos for splendid venue.)

ianduvenage Great night at #JHBTweetup, thanks @RyanAGibson for organising!

timlunn @RyanAGibson Thanks for organising an awsome #JHBTweetup! Great tweeps, plenty #poken – seriously social!

zamarcashton Big up to @ryanagibson & @caryljr for the Tweet-up last night – – it was good!

ShonaYOwen @RyanAGibson i remember why i loved the last tweet up so much, such positive energy from everyone, no exceptions! Ps. How’s your head?

gc34 @RyanAGibson thanks for organizing awesome tweetup!! U rock dude!!

Green_Guerrilla @RyanAGibson Hey man, thank you so much once again for an awesome evening! #JHBTweetup

8UNNI Fun night out – awesome to meeting @@RyanAGibson @Green_Guerrilla @JacquelineSwart (ok thats all I can remember right now)

HarounKola @RyanAGibson Thanks for organising an excellent #JHBTweetup!

cdake #JHBTweetup really amazing thanks for setting it up @RyanAGibson welldone.. looking forward to see the images and colloborate with others.

ShonaYOwen Kudos for another excellent event to both of you. RT @RoaldCP: @ryanAGibson well done buddy

Messages from the #JHBTweetup:

ianduvenage: @deanoelsch Next #JHBTweetup date still to be set, had nice event last night! about 17 hours ago from UberTwitter

ianduvenage: Would have been great to have some guys from “You make Joburg great” at the #JHBTweetup time.. @deanoelsch ? about 18 hours ago from web

shahil: ah! I am online. yay … anyway, great meeting all at the #jhbtweetup last night 🙂 about 20 hours ago from

Arne86: @samuraibunny #JHBtweetup sounds fun, consider me being there in tequila spirit. about 21 hours ago from web

Green_Guerrilla: Those of you who were at the #JHBTweetup last night —> What did you think of the event? Improvements? Praises? Quirks? Let&apos;s hear it… about 22 hours ago from TweetDeck

SingleSyllable: I should be nominated for pokening strangers en masse in the dark! #JHBTweetup about 22 hours ago from Echofon

angelonfilm: @samuraibunny when&apos;s the next #JHBtweetup?! about 22 hours ago from TweetDeck

samuraibunny: @Arne86 you shoulda been at the #JHBtweetup@SezLeigh = my new Tequila Queen @gc34 = Master o&apos; Patron XO 😉 about 23 hours ago from Seesmic

PokenAfrica: #jhbtweetup was awesome! Great meeting everyone there. Congrats to all the #Poken winners, and big thanx to @RyanAGibson for organizing it! about 23 hours ago from Tweetvisor

samuraibunny: kudos to @RyanAGibson for an awesome #JHBtweetup! had a really good time 🙂 props 2 sponsors as well @caryljr + @PokenAfrica + @TimLunn 🙂 about 23 hours ago from Seesmic

MarlizeV: Had a great time at #jhbtweetup last night! THANKS @RyanAGibson for organizing it & congrats to all the #Poken winners!!! about 23 hours ago from Tweetvisor

prieurdp: The world smells of Jack Daniel&apos;s today and I have no coffee handy :/ #jhbtweetup about 23 hours ago from Seesmic

bilalr: enjoyed meeting awesome tweeps yesterday at #jhbtweetup – gr8 job with organisation!! about 24 hours ago from web

AmorLunn: #jhbtweetup rocked last night @ryanagibson THANKS for organising, the sponsored drinks and platters!! @PokenAfrica for prizes 🙂 about 24 hours ago from Power Twitter

johan_de_klerk: great fun last night at #JhbTweetup 1 day ago from web

mitzcoertzen: The #Jhbtweetup was great fun! 1 day ago from web

Mz_Moneypenny: @al_ice My head is too sore for a random vry this morning. Post #JHBtweetup blues. 1 day ago from HootSuite

SingleSyllable: @ElsieGeselsie had such a great time at the #JHBTweetup she seems to have lost her #poken 🙁 1 day ago from Echofon

SingleSyllable: @caryljr really wanted to meet you 🙁 But thanks a bunch for your contribution to a great night #JHBTweetup 😉 1 day ago from Echofon

Ismail: Awesome meeting tweeps yesterday at #jhbtweetup gr8 job with organisation. 1 day ago from Echofon

SingleSyllable: Okay people. After yesterday&apos;s #JHBTweetup, I dare you to ask me anything 1 day ago from

ChristoMove: @RyanAGibson Thank you for hosting great #JHBTweetUp last night! (& Mythos for splendid venue.) 1 day ago from TweetDeck

ChristoMove: @caryljr Thanks for the wonderful catering at the #JHBTweetUp last night! 1 day ago from TweetDeck

ianduvenage: Owner of new device from @pokenafrica after #JHBTweetup thanks to @JacquelineSwart … Busy checking it out online.. 1 day ago from web

ianduvenage: Great night at #JHBTweetup, thanks @RyanAGibson for organising! 1 day ago from web

timlunn: @RyanAGibson Thanks for organising an awsome #JHBTweetup! Great tweeps, plenty #poken – seriously social! 1 day ago from Tweetvisor

Green_Guerrilla: @RyanAGibson Hey man, thank you so much once again for an awesome evening! #JHBTweetup 1 day ago from TweetDeck

Green_Guerrilla: @8UNNI Awwwh…had a great time with you too hun, was a pleasure to meet you! #JHBtweetup 1 day ago from TweetDeck

Green_Guerrilla: @JacquelineSwart You…yoooouuuu…bad influence you! You&apos;re good you…! #JHBtweetup 1 day ago from TweetDeck

HarounKola: @RyanAGibson Thanks for organising an excellent #JHBTweetup! 1 day ago from SimplyTweet

Green_Guerrilla: @Rubyletters Howdi hun, was nice to meet you tonight…! #JHBtweetup …! 1 day ago from TweetDeck

cybersass: in which i blog about f2f oxymorons – ie, the #jhbtweetup 1 day ago from TweetDeck

SingleSyllable: Met cool new people at #JHBTweetup; saw some old faces, and missed a couple others. 1 day ago from SocialScope

Green_Guerrilla: #JHBtweetup is starting to thin out…considering l&apos;ve firmly placed foot-in-mouth all evening…l take my leave. (near Gallo Manor) 1 day ago from The Grid

MuffinMegain: I want to be there man! Aurgh! RT @Green_Guerrilla: God damn there&apos;s some interesting tweeps here…! #JHBtweetup 1 day ago from UberTwitter

Green_Guerrilla: God damn there&apos;s some interesting tweeps here…! #JHBtweetup (near Gallo Manor) 1 day ago from The Grid

cdake: #JHBTweetup really amazing thanks for setting it up @RyanAGibson welldone.. looking forward to see the images and colloborate with others. 1 day ago from Digsby

Green_Guerrilla: Rocking the #JHBtweetup… Loving the tweeps! You all rock…! @SingleSyllable…you have the jean pant on! (near Gallo Manor)

Why is the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa an opportunity for South African Tweeple on Twitter?

Posted on | January 4, 2010 | Comments Off on Why is the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa an opportunity for South African Tweeple on Twitter?

Why is the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa an opportunity for South African Tweeple on Twitter?

More so than ever before, with the international attention of a World Cup and the current penetration of technology in the Country, we are ready for a social event online in South Africa of massive magnitude discussing FIFA 2010. More so than the Rugby World Cup, now South Africa is wired and online chatting like never before. Amongst users of twitter is the large 30+ million mobile phone users with carriers such as MTN, Vodacom, CellC, and international firms promoting communications and support by South Africans and FIFA supporters.

The world is watching the lead up to the 2010 FIFA World Cup and that means as a user of twitter, the world is watching you. As a twitter user, your international community of followers and individuals is going to grow just because of the event and what you tweet.

In addition, there are obvious opportunities to help and refer international twitter users for things such as:

  • Tickets available for sale
  • South African Venues
  • South African Accommodations
  • South African Events and Entertainment
  • World Cup events locally and globally
  • Attention towards issues that should have international focus in South Africa
  • What you are doing to prepare as a South African business
  • What opportunities you believe international twitter users should look at when they come to South Africa
  • Covering pre-event conferences and activities related to the 2010 FIFA World Cup
  • Covering the actual activities of the 2010 FIFA World Cup

This is an opportunity to communicate with the world and fellow South African’s and Soccer fans and bring the South African nation together.

These are just a few ideas of how the FIFA World Cup could benefit you as a twitter user in South Africa.

The FIFA 2010 World Cup is being called by the CEO Danny Jordaan of the Organizing Committee that “2010 is a year which represents one of the greatest and grandest nation building initiatives ever undertaken since the death of apartheid.”

This includes bringing the Nation together digitally and physically. Twitter is not only a medium for communicating with millions of people online, but it is also a chance for twitter users to meet locally with people of common interest online and in person at twitter user meetings called “Tweet-ups.”  Johannesburg has organized such a tweet-up group which you can view at

Leading up to the South Africa 2010 World Cup twitter users at these events will be important suppliers of information as members of media and individual opinions.

“The challenge now is to mobilise the nation – the country needs each and every South African in their workplaces and their communities to stand up and decide what they are doing to welcome the world in 2010. Every South African must ask himself or herself: What am I doing to be a good host of the FIFA 2010 World Cup. Over 15,000 volunteers from 52 countries will soon be selected and begin training to help us deliver the games and host the multitudes of visitors. This is just one of the many ways that the nations of the world will get involved in this historic opportunity. What are you doing to be a good host?”

I suggest you tweet to be a good host South Africa, join the twitter users in South Africa and get a good idea of what is going on. If you are from overseas, start by joining the tweet-up groups and following their users, there are also some great resources online for finding South African twitter users.

“From now until the end of the 2010 FIFA World Cup, every South African must play their part in ensuring we come together as one nation to deliver the best FIFA World Cup ever,” Jordaan concluded.

“The year 2010 must be the year in which for the first time, we all communicate positive messages about our country to the world – the successes and possibilities. We have to put the culture of negativity behind us. “

“We can already see the fruits of the tournament,” Zuma said. “We have new magnificent stadia, roads and new-look international airports. “

Zuma urged South Africans to be welcoming and hospitable to the thousands of international tourists and football fans set to descend on the country in June and July – and to support the country’s national soccer team, Bafana Bafana.

“Most importantly, we must make 2010 an exciting and most enjoyable year for all of us. Happy New Year and Happy 2010 Soccer World Cup to you all!”

Once again the way to achieve these goals is to be online and talking and supporting through referral. Who knows South Africa best but us, the people living in South Africa, the Tweeple behind the scenes.

A total of 386 300 of the tickets were bought by South African soccer fans, while the remaining 114 237 were bought by fans from all over the world.

In total, about one million tickets for all 64 matches and categories are made available in the third sales phase including a limited number for the opening match and the final.

This is an opportunity for meeting influential American’s, Europeans, Canadians, Mexican’s, Brazilians, Asians, people and tweeple of all nations globally who are attending the event.

  • How will the addition of 100,000 foreigners swarming and watching sporting events effect your life in South Africa… I want to know on twitter.
  • Do you have extra tickets available? I want to know on twitter
  • Do you have a flat to rent, know someone who does, or has an opinion about the accommodations situations… We all want to know on twitter.

If you have not already, join the Johannesburg Twitter User group at and keep track of the people within this group. Hopefully by following, you will get a chance to meet other great people that can help you and tweet with you from South Africa.

If you are South African and you are not on twitter, you should be, 2010 is your year to join and become one of the Tweeple of South Africa.

Written By Ryan Gibson,

Johannesburg January 2010 Tweetup!

Posted on | January 4, 2010 | Comments Off on Johannesburg January 2010 Tweetup!

A new year is upon us and 2010 is going to be a great twitter year for South Africa. The numbers continue to grow and the people keep coming online to discuss relevant and fun topics. I have been following all the members daily, and we have 47 tweeple in our group of members, all worth following.

I have booked the next Tweetup for the Fourth Tuesday again, January 26th 2010 at Mythos Taverna since the location treated us so well the last time. The last Tweetup went so well, I thought we should make sure the regular nature of this meetup continues into the new year. I would love for others to get involved in organizing the tweetups, and I look forward to suggestions from the last one we had.

This is our first chance to look each other in the eyes and say Happy New Year and enjoy a bit of cheer and get down to business, networking, and socializing. I would like to ask that you invite as many of your friends and tweeple to the next event, I would like to have new faces and new stories and people to follow. This year has been a good year for me, my website traffic is doubling every day, my phone is ringing, and my time is worth more… I believe this is going to be a great new year for all of us as the globe turns around economically and South Africa hosts the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

Through out the year, I hope to get more ideas, more people, and more fun in Johannesburg amongst our new community members.

Please RSVP today for the January 26th 2010 TweetUp at

The hashtag is #JHBTweetup or #JHBTweetups

To be honest, the system automatically scheduled this event for 4th Tuesday of each month, so I decided to go with it and begin preparing another tweet-up. I think we all need another one in our system, the first one was too much fun.

I look forward to seeing you there. P.S. Please no network marketers or if you are one, no prospecting, I will ask them to leave events… just wanted to make sure that was clear. We are there to have fun and meet the people we tweet with.


Ryan Gibson

South Africa’s Johannesburg Twitter Group, Joburg Twitter Users

A List of 100 Social Bookmarking Websites By Alexa Ranking

Posted on | December 19, 2009 | Comments Off on A List of 100 Social Bookmarking Websites By Alexa Ranking

If you are considering using bookmarking for marketing purposes or are trying to see which sites are the best to link to for more Alexa user views, then you will get a lot of value from this ranking by the Alexa ranking system of 100 social bookmarking pages compiled by Ryan Anthony Gibson:

  1. #1 Alexa Ranking look at
  2. #1 Alexa Ranking  look at
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Social Media Websites By Alexa Ranking

Posted on | December 18, 2009 | Comments Off on Social Media Websites By Alexa Ranking

Do you think setting up profiles at these social media and marketing websites would help? Check out their rank by

Do you need a blog for your public company, yourself, or your industry?

Posted on | December 15, 2009 | Comments Off on Do you need a blog for your public company, yourself, or your industry?

Your website is meant to be the storefront or for those with registrations filed it could be considered your offering, however, the blog is the social network where you are not selling until they walk in the front door to your website. How you effectively do this defines you as either a thought leader, and ineffectively can define you as a spammer. It is best that you build this with the socially minded and talent available within your firm who think daily about your business and your shareholders.

Social media is very effective for communication of new products, news about your company, news about the industry, and dealing with objections head on. If you had a chance to write how you handle your 100 most common objections, whether it is about your stock, your company, your product, or your industry, than you would have 100 great blogs. Not only would they prove and communicate your point about your company, but give you industry wide credibility and exposure.

With this in mind its a start, the blog idea that is. But why not look at social media as a whole which will encompass custom projects that entail setting-up blogs, twitter, facebook, linkedin and other related social media devices into centralized platforms, installing the links and tools for web users of your website to promote and access, and focus on building a following for your site and company in addition to building search engine optimization and links from these efforts.

As a company you should set-up a blog for:

–          CEO’s and Founders

–          The company itself

–          Your Industry

–          Blogs for specific causes you support

–          For education on you products or investor communication

You should set it up really to just give your opinion, because if you are reading this blog I just proved that counts for something, right.

By utilizing twitter, facebook, linkedin, social bookmarking, the blog; the company, and website would be exposed and increase monthly traffic and search engine placement. The new era of Social Media has gone from “do you have a cell phone number” to “do you have an email” to “do you have a twitter account” or “are you on facebook.” An extension of this world is simply put the Blog, which allows for a non-commercial approach for discussing what is important to your market, your industry, and about yourself and company and view and ethics of how you forsee what you are doing. By handling client objections before they come through the front door of your store, you already increase conversion into sales of your web traffic and audience.

Packages for setting-up social media marketing range from $500 with a low monthly fee of $5 up to $500 a month depending on how much of a managed service you would like to have. If you are interested in getting some quotes on social media marketing and setting up an effective blog for your company, feel free to drop us and email at Also, if you have a blog let us know and we will link to you, we do get over 15000 unique visitors a month from our network of blogs. Would you like 15000 eyeballs looking at your business or company, or idea. In this market, you need all the help you can get… just ask and the blog will be opened.

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