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Do you need a blog for your public company, yourself, or your industry?

Posted on | December 15, 2009 | Comments Off on Do you need a blog for your public company, yourself, or your industry?

Your website is meant to be the storefront or for those with registrations filed it could be considered your offering, however, the blog is the social network where you are not selling until they walk in the front door to your website. How you effectively do this defines you as either a thought leader, and ineffectively can define you as a spammer. It is best that you build this with the socially minded and talent available within your firm who think daily about your business and your shareholders.

Social media is very effective for communication of new products, news about your company, news about the industry, and dealing with objections head on. If you had a chance to write how you handle your 100 most common objections, whether it is about your stock, your company, your product, or your industry, than you would have 100 great blogs. Not only would they prove and communicate your point about your company, but give you industry wide credibility and exposure.

With this in mind its a start, the blog idea that is. But why not look at social media as a whole which will encompass custom projects that entail setting-up blogs, twitter, facebook, linkedin and other related social media devices into centralized platforms, installing the links and tools for web users of your website to promote and access, and focus on building a following for your site and company in addition to building search engine optimization and links from these efforts.

As a company you should set-up a blog for:

–          CEO’s and Founders

–          The company itself

–          Your Industry

–          Blogs for specific causes you support

–          For education on you products or investor communication

You should set it up really to just give your opinion, because if you are reading this blog I just proved that counts for something, right.

By utilizing twitter, facebook, linkedin, social bookmarking, the blog; the company, and website would be exposed and increase monthly traffic and search engine placement. The new era of Social Media has gone from “do you have a cell phone number” to “do you have an email” to “do you have a twitter account” or “are you on facebook.” An extension of this world is simply put the Blog, which allows for a non-commercial approach for discussing what is important to your market, your industry, and about yourself and company and view and ethics of how you forsee what you are doing. By handling client objections before they come through the front door of your store, you already increase conversion into sales of your web traffic and audience.

Packages for setting-up social media marketing range from $500 with a low monthly fee of $5 up to $500 a month depending on how much of a managed service you would like to have. If you are interested in getting some quotes on social media marketing and setting up an effective blog for your company, feel free to drop us and email at Also, if you have a blog let us know and we will link to you, we do get over 15000 unique visitors a month from our network of blogs. Would you like 15000 eyeballs looking at your business or company, or idea. In this market, you need all the help you can get… just ask and the blog will be opened.


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