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A demand for Social Media in order to sell Enterprise Mobility

Posted on | September 27, 2009 | Comments Off on A demand for Social Media in order to sell Enterprise Mobility

The demand of mobile workforce solutions is on the rise for 2009 according to a recent report called the Enterprise Mobility 2009 by Michele Pelino of Forrester’s Research. More importantly, they identified that the buying process is becoming more difficult as demands increase on IT departments, Line of business buyers are involved and dominating the buying process, and users for the first time are being integrated into the decision making. Due to the complicated process, it has become paramount that decision-makers are using online marketing channels, such as blogs, websites, reports, forums, and networks to gain information and advice before making the buying decision.

Thus, marketing plans must exploit the social media marketing network and the breadth of exposure offered within this sector. 

The solution providers within the Mobile Enterprise Application sector need to utilize to their full extent the interaction available online and focus on tools such as:


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