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Our firm will develop a blog strategy that specifically promotes your news, your industry, your credibility, and your brand. The culmination of search engine optimization, reciprocal linking, dissemination, and quality writing leads to the success of a good blog. In addition, the blog will be integrated into twitter, facebook, linkedin, and other various bookingmarking websites to ensure maximum exposure and results of your running a blog program with Knowledge Publishing.

Knowledge Publishing began as a blog company owning all of the stock exchange names in the work “” and various other variations. The sites now form a strong network of 30 trafficked websites for the public markets globally, integrated with strong followings on twitter. Such as For public companies, we have a specialized service that will allow them to build a blog on any of our websites and publish directly into the traffic, getting 30 relevant immediate reciprocal links to their news.

Our blogging products are in three categories

Blog Hosting and Social Media Set-up ($500 set-up and $10 a month)

Blogosphere Complete Action Plan ($2,000 set-up and $20 a month)

Blog Consultant and Writer ($1,000/month)

If you are interested in a blog campaign for your company, please fill in this form for a free consultation:

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    Knowledge Publishing Corp engages in opening free content up to the world, teaching businesses and individuals how to develop an integrated online publishing and marketing plan for complete exposure. "Publishing knowledge is one of the only true assets that can pay dividends and royalties forever.