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When you have a great placement, you really want to keep it, don’t you ? But the nature of the internet is that under normal circumstances, the source code for any web page can be easily read and copied for anyone, including your competitor.

They just need to create a similar page to yours and submit it to the Search Engine. You do all the work and they get a great position.

Thinking of this, we at Knowledge Publishing, developed some packages to guarantee a best placement, advantage and security for you.

In our packages, you will see Cloaking websites, Cloning websites, Analyzing Competitors, Meta Tags changes and much much more…..

 Our search engine optimization services include:

  • Keyword research
  • Optimized use of Keywords within the website
  • Meta-tag and meta data analysis and optimization
  • Ongoing recommendations on content, links, pages, and strategies
  • Our team will suggest code optimization, cleanliness and presentation
  • Reciprical linking, search engine and directory submissions
  • Blog links, guestbooks, and forums
  • Monthly quoatas and tracking, with detailed and quick reports available

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