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Our team has the knowledge and connections to build a diversified group of websites and online publishing venues that would place your ads on their website on a commission basis called Affiliates. There are simple affiliates, there are super affiliates who generate most of your business, and then there are affiliate recruiters. We intend on building an affiliate marketing plan and management plan for your firm customized to your requirements and needs. 

We will install the software you desire, build the management strategy around the affiliate program, launch a communication and recruitment program, and enable the company with Affiliate Consultants and Affiliate Managers.

  • Analysis of your site and your Affiliate needs.
  • Competitor analysis.
  • Commission payout recommendation.
  • Overall site layout and conversion probability and suggestions for improvement.
  • Affiliate site layout including intro, agreement, login and signup page and suggestions for improvement.
  • Marketing Material Inventory analysis.
  • Further requests and suggestions.
  • The next steps before recruiting can begin.
  • Affiliate Recruiting Plan.
  • Sample recruiting mail / offers.
  • List of target affiliate segments.
  • If you are interested in a free consultation on affiliate marketing, please fill out this form:

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